In this tutorial you will learn how to use VLOOKUP function in excel. This is like as LOOKUP function and use for searching in microsoft excel work sheet. This function is slightly different from the the lookup function because it find value form first column of microsoft excel work sheet. Syntax of VLOOKUP function is like as following.


Where value is that value which is search from the collection of data. Selection is the reference of cells for selected collection from which data is to be find and result is the column number for which data displayed. You can find the record of specific entity from the excel sheet quickly and save the time for searching.

use vlookup function in excel example:-

Create the sheet having record of the students and fields like rollno, student name, enrollment date, date of birth, age till enrollment and other fields to store the found result.

students sheet in excel

Now in formulabar write the following function to show roll number of student if found in spread sheet.


vlookup in excel

After pressing the enter and then function apply on selection like as following sheet.

use vlookup function in excel

For show the name of student of rollno 2 you can use function as following.


find name of student in excel

After press enter key the typed function is applied and result shown in B8.

name found by nlookup in excel

 Now you can find the age of the student of roll 2 till enrollment so you can use vlookup function like as =VLOOKUP(2,A2:E4,5). So add new field in work sheet of excel named as Age Till Enrollment.

age of student in excel 2013 use vlookup in excel

Press enter key to apply the function which typed in formula bar so after applying formula work sheet become as like following sheet.

age found of student in excel sheet

You have learned how to use vlook function in excel work sheet. By using this function you can find the data in the sheet with less effort in less time.

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