In this tutorial you will learn how to use time function in excel and why use time function. Time function is one of the built in functions of excel. This is used for representation of time. Time function is write as following.


Find time by giving the hours, minutes and seconds. Also can find the time taken by car or persons in race so you can use time function. Today function is used to showing current date in cell. The Today function is write as following.


use time function in excel example:-

For using time function in excel you have a spread sheet having Driver ID, car, hour, minute, second and calculate time.


Now For inserting time function in cell click on formulas menu and visit option named as Date&Time as like following.


After selection of time function the function arguments dialog box appear like as following.


In the hour text box give reference of cell having value of hour. In minute text box give reference of cell having value of minute and same as seconds.

use time function in excel

After clicking on OK button the result is display in cell F2. So time calculated of drive.


Now copy function for next cells. Select cell and take mouse arrow on right below corner of cell and hold click and drag down mouse. So function is copied to other cells.

use of time function in excel

You also can insert current date in the excel sheet by using TODAY() function. For this add new column named as today date.

use date function in excel

So for inserting current date select TODAY() function from TIME&DATE option.


After selection of TODAY() function dialog box appeared as following.


Press OK button so current date is displayed.


Now copy function in other cells by drag the function and function copied.


So time and today functions are applied to the excel spread sheet.

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