In this tutorial you will learn that how to use sumif function in excel. SUMIF function is same like as COUNTIF function but having different number of arguments. You can use sumif function for calculating the total of values for some condition. E.G. use it when you want to check how much payment paid or check how many participants win the prize. SUMIF is write as following.

=SUMIF(range,”criteria”,summation range)

Here range is selection of cells for which criteria define and criteria is logical condition. Summation range is selection of cells to add the values. This function is very useful for making the record sheets in microsoft excel.


use sumif function in excel example:-

Create sheet that has record of participants for which you want to calculate prize. Sheet become like as that sheet which is given below.


For calculate prize value use sumif function like as following sheet.


use sumif function in excel

After you press enter key function apply on selected range of cell and result display in required cell.


 So you had learned how to use sumif function in spread sheet of microsoft excel for records. Use of functions make the work very easy and save a lot of time. So use of different function is very effective to do work in very good and efficient manner.

For using sumif function for record sheet of store having the customer name, bill status, bill amount and total bill amount. Create spread sheet in work book of excel.


Use SUMIF function as like following sheet.


To apply formula press enter key and then sheet is display like as following which is given below.


You also can calculate total UNPAID amount. Add one more field named as Total Unpaid Amount in the spread sheet.


To apply the function press enter key and sheet is become like as following.


So paid/unpaid bill is calculated for store.

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