In this tutorial we will learn how to use sum function in excel. In earlier tutorial you see that we use sum function but that was basic. Now some advancement use of sum function.

First use sum function as following

=Sum(first cell reference: second cell reference)



If you want to add consecutive cells value the in sum function give reference of first cell and reference of last cell. like


On the other hand if want to add other cell which is not consecutive then use function like this.

=Sum(A1:A20)+F1 or =Sum(A1:A20,F1).

If you want to add two blocks which are not consecutive then use like this


where FOFB is first of first block and LOFB is last of first block.FOSB is first of second block and LOSB is last of second block.For example


adds the A1 to A20 and D1 to D19.

sum function in excel example:-

We have values in A1 to A20 and D1 to D19 we stored its result in cell F1. Sheet with values given below.

cell A1 to A20So now in F1 write this formula =Sum(A1:A20,D1:D19) and sheet become as following.

formula f1After pressing enter result of summation in cell F1.

use sum function in excel result store in F1If want to add value of F1 with A1 to A9 then write as =Sum(A1:A9,F1).

Result is in G1 so sheet become as following.

G1 have result in excelAfter writing formula press enter then result shown in G1.

sum function in excel written in G1


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