In this tutorial you will learn how to use scenarios in excel. Scenarios are same as data tables but slightly different from data tables in microsoft excel. This option is under the what if analysis menu of tool panel of data menu in microsoft excel. Scenarios are useful for the management of the budget and budget may be of company or family.

You can compare the scenarios which you generate. From comparison of scenarios you can manage your expenditures. With the help of scenario report you can easily compare the scenarios.

use scenarios in excel example:-

To learn the use of scenarios in excel need to create the budget sheet in workbook of microsoft excel. Sheet having fields of expenditures, income, savings and total expenditures.


Now calculate for expenditures for total expenditures by SUM function. Apply sum function on cells B4 to B9 and writer function in B11.


After pressing enter key function is applied on the selected cells and result is appeared in B11.

use scenarios in excel

For calculate the savings you need to subtract total expenditures from total income like as sheet which is give below.


After pressing enter key saving income calculate and result is appear in cell C12.

use scenarios in excel

Now visit the data tool panel from the data menu of microsoft excel.


Select scenarios manager option from what if analysis option.


Scenario manager dialog box appeared after clicking on scenario manager option.

use of scenari manager

Click on Add button and edit scenario dialog box appear. Type My budget in scenario name text box, type cell references in changing cells text box and write comment for scenario in text box of comment.


After pressing OK button a conformation required dialog box appear that take from you values if you want to change values.


So after Press the OK button scenario is generated for selection.


Add another scenario as like following sheet in microsoft excel.


Type the values for this scenario as like following sheet.


New scenario is generated after pressing OK button by yourself. By clicking on show budget the values according to new budget shown in the sheet.


Scenario Summary report:-

For generating the report of scenarios click on Summary button then scenario summary dialog box appear in front of you in excel.

use scenarios in excel 2013

Type reference of result cells in text box as like the sheet which is give below.


After Pressing OK button the summary report is created in excel.


Hence you had learned how to use scenarios in microsoft excel.


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