In this tutorial we will learn how to use product function in excel. In earlier tutorials you learn how to multiply values of two cells in excel. For multiplication earlier use

=First cell reference* Second cell reference

Like =A1*B1

If want to multiply the values of A1,A2,A3,A4,A5,A6,A7 and A8 so according to earlier tutorials.


But now you can do it easily without to much writing like this


Above formula use when all values of consecutive cells.If multiply values of A1 to A4 and B4,D8 then write like this


Instead of write much like this


You also use nested PRODUCT formulas like this


use product function in excel example:-

Open work book of microsoft excel and insert some values which you want to multiply like as following fig.

work sheet to use product function in excelYou want to multiply values of A1,A2,A3 and A4. Show result in C1 write formula in C1. So use formula like this


formula for product in excelAfter press enter formula applied on cells and result show in C1 like below.

result of product function in excelWithout using formula you done like this =A1*A2*A3*A4 and result in D1.

multiplication in excelAfter pressing enter multiplication done and result show in D1. You can see that results in C1 and D1 are same.

multiplication result of D1 in excel
If you want to multiply values of consecutive and non consecutive cells so you done it by following expression.


Want to store result in E1 then write above function in E1 like following fig.

After pressing enter multiplication done and result in E1 cell.

Multiplication by nested product function is performed like this expression.


Show result in F1 so write above expression in cell F1 as following.

Nested product functionsAfter pressing enter result show in F1 and you observe that both results of E1 and F1 are same like following fig.

result of nested product function in excelSo in this tutorial you had learned how to use product function in excel and also learn how to use nested functions in Microsoft Excel.

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