In this tutorial you will lean how to use pivot table in excel. Pivot table is use to display information in the format of report. By using pivot table information display on the sheet in efficient manner. For increase the readability of Data convert it into tabular form through the pivot table. Pivot table provide a way by which you can organize the unorganized data in table.

You can select the required fields from number of fields. E.g. fields in work sheet are 10 but you need only 4 fields so by using pivot table you can use only 4 fields for work. So you can work easily by using pivot table. As pivot table gives the view like report so it is easy to work with data in pivot table. Data in tabular form is more convenient for the analysis on large data.


use pivot table in excel example:-

Create spread sheet of employee attendance as like following sheet.

For inserting the pivot table select the data for which you want to create pivot table.

Now visit the tables panel of insert menu same like following sheet of excel.

use pivot table in excel

Select the pivot table icon in the tables panel for insertion of pivot table same like following sheet of microsoft excel.


Press OK button and to insert pivot table in the new sheet. Appearance of sheet is same as following sheet.

use pivot table in excel

Select the fields for insert in pivot table form the right panel same like the following sheet of excel.

You also can calculate the average instead of sum by changing in values. Open value fields dialog setting dialog box for the values same like following sheet of excel.

use pivot table in excel value-field-setting-dialog-box

After selection of average click on OK button and sheet become same like following sheet.


Hence you have learned how to use pivot table in excel. Also you know how the pivot table is useful in analysis of data.



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