In this tutorial you learn how to use if function in excel. If function is use for perform calculation on condition. We can use it for decision making in excel sheet. By using it you can find win or loose candidate, pass or fail student, paid or unpaid bill. Basically it check the given condition and then make decision according to the true or false on condition. It is write as following in formula bar.

=IF(condition,Statement on true,Statement on false)

For condition use logical operators like >,<,<=,>=,!=,==.

Find pass/fail use if function as like this and pass above or equal 50 and below 50 be fail.

=IF(Total Number cell reference>=50,pass,fail).

use if function in excel example:-

Create a spread sheet in the work book of microsoft excel having player’s name, score and status as give below.


In cell C2 use function as this,


So spread sheet become like as following.

use if function in excel

After pressing enter key function applied and spread sheet like as this by having result.


Like Maark use if function for John but now function write in cell C3 as like this.


use if function in excel

By pressing enter result displayed WIN.


For checking that student is pass or fail define criteria for pass and fail. Then also define that if total marks greater than 50% then student pass otherwise if less than or equal to 50% then fail. For this create spread sheet having student names, total marks, obtain marks and status.


Write If function for check Maark is pass or fail like as given below.


After Pressing enter key result displayed in Status column row of Maark and as like sheet which is given below.


Function copied for the John as like the sheet which is given below.

use if function in excel

So you had learn that why use if function in excel sheet and how to use the if function in excel sheet of work book.


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