In this tutorial you will learn why and how to use goal seek in excel. By using goal seek you can find the values of result about which you are not sure. Goal seek is powerful feature of microsoft excel and it helps in analysis.

use goal seek in excel example:-

Create a spread sheet having fields like first number, second number and result multiplication.


Your goal is 70 which is achieved by multiplication of 7 and 10. But you have not confirm second number is 10. You type these values 7 and 9 like as following sheet.


For multiplication of 7 and 9 use product function. In function give reference A2 and B2 like as following sheet.


Your goal is 70 so you are not sure what is the second value so use goal seek.Click on data menu and visit the data tools panel.

use goal seek in excel

Now from What-if Analysis option select goal seek option.


Goal seek dialog box appear after clicking on goal seek option. Type in set cell reference of that cell which has formula. In to value field type goal now which is 70. In by changing cell field type reference of that cell on which you are not sure about value so for now type B2.


Press OK button and Goal Seek applied and goal seek dialog box appear.

use goal seek in excel

Press OK button and you will see the goal is achieved by goal seek and sheet is became like following sheet.


You also can find for required goal how much sale required. Create sheet with fields like item name, price, sale and goal profit.

Your required goal is 300000 so you are not sure for goal how much sale required. Use goal seek option to find sale. Type in set cell D2, goal is 300000 and sales cell reference is C2.

use goal seek in excel 2013


By pressing OK button goal seek status dialog box appeared.


Required goal achieved press OK button to confirm the goal.


Hence you had learned why and how to use goal seek in excel.




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