In this tutorial you will learn how to use drawing objects in excel. By using drawing objects in excel you can enhance the design of worksheet in microsoft excel. It also can increase the readability of worksheet of excel workbook and provide convenience to the reader. Drawing objects are different shapes that are available in illustration panel of insert menu of microsoft excel. You can add text to drawing object, edit text, flip drawing object and also change the size of object etc.

use drawing objects in excel example:-

Open microsoft excel and a worksheet appear infront of you and insert some fields like Height of triangle, Base of triangle and area of triangle. Now type the values of height 5 and base 7 so for area use this formula.


area of triangle in excel

After typing the formula in formula bar press enter key and formula applied and sheet become same like as following.

area of triangle in excel

You can increase the readability of worksheet by using the drawing objects in microsoft excel. For inserting the shapes in worksheet click on insert menu and visit the illustration panel same as like following.

use drawing objects in excel

After clicking on shapes option dropdown list appear that have the many shapes like as following sheet.

shapres in excel

Select triangle from the collection of shapes for drawing it into the worksheet of excel. Now draw the selected shape on the work sheet of microsoft excel.

triangle of worksheet in excel

You can fill shape by right click on shape and select the fill color same like as following sheet of excel.

fill color in shape of excel worksheet

For inserting the title of base and height you need to insert text box by selecting it from the collection of shapes which is first in basic shapes collection like as following.

basic shapes collection in excel

After selection of text box you can draw the text box into the sheet and type text into the text box like as following.

use drawing objects in excel

You can edit the text box by right click on it and select format shape.

format shape option in excel

Now format shape panel is appear at right side of the sheet select no fill from panel.

format shape panel in excel

Insert an other text box and type in base and fill be no fill and no line as like following.

no fill and no line of shape in excel

Now the triangle become like as following sheet.

use drawing objects in excel

Now the field of area triangle copy and paste below the triangle and format cell then change the color of cell then sheet become as following.

use of shapes in excel

Hence you have learned now the benefits of drawing objects in excel.




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