In this tutorial you will learn how to use date function in excel. If you have to manage the record of students so you need to have to give some importance to date e.g. you have stored record of students that are enrolled. So you want to search age when student enrolled. So this is possible by the date and days360 functions.


The function DAYS360 give the duration in days. Function used as

=DAYS360(Start Date:End Date)

At the place of start date and end date give the reference of cells having start and end dates.

use date function in excel example:-

For learning that how to use date function in excel you need a spread sheet like as following.


For inserting date function in C2 you need to go on formulas menu like as following.

use date function in excel

After above click on the option named as Date&Time as following.


Select cell C2 and click on date function argument dialog box is shown as following.

use date function in excel

Now enter year, month and day in text boxes.


After enter the values press on button having caption of OK.


Apply date function same as cell C2 in C3 and C4.


Add a new column in spread sheet named as Age Till Enrollment.

date function in excel

You can find duration of enrollment by using the days360 function. Apply the function in cells E2,E3 and E4. Select days360 function from Date&Time.

After Selection of the DAYS360 function the argument parameter dialog box appear.


Writer in start date text box reference of date of birth cell and in end date write reference of enrollment date.


Now press enter key from keyboard and then sheet become as following.

use date function in excel

Age representation in days. Also apply function days360 in cells E3 and E4.


Hence date and days360 functions are used for calculation of duration in days.


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