In this tutorial you will learn how to use custom named range in excel. Custom named ranges are used in microsoft excel for define a constant value.E.g. the value of PI be constant, G be the gravitational constant and g be the standard gravity etc.

use custom named range in excel example:-

Create a spread sheet of departmental store in microsoft excel like as following sheet.


You had to insert discounts of items. The discount on soap is 6% and on food is 7% so you need to makeĀ  constant. One for discount of soap and other for discount of food. For define constant(custom named range) visit the defined names panel of formulas menu.

use custom named range in excel

Now click on define name option and new name dialog box will appear.


Change name to Discount_Soap and refers to 6% like as following.


Now press OK button and constant define for workbook 1 name as Discount_Soap. Now when calculate discount soap then multiply price with Discount_Soap.

use custom named range in excel 2013

Select constant and after typing the formula press enter key. Now discount is calculated of soap.


For discount of food create new constant which has name Discount_Food and value is 7% like as given below.

use custom named range in excel

Press OK button and other constant created same like first but having different value. Use this for calculation of discount for food items.


After press enter key your typed formula apply on the cell so now sheet become same like following.

use custome named range in excel

Copy same formula for the discount of bread by right click on cell.


After click copy option the sheet is become as like following sheet.


For paste the copied formula select the cell E5 and right click of mouse on it sheet be the same like this.


After clicking on the paste option formula be paste same like as following sheet.


Hence you have learned how to use custom named range in excel and which was the goal.



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