In this tutorial you will learn why and how to use countif function in excel. By countif function you can count the cells having required value. If you want to check from student marks sheet how many students are passed the exam you need to use countif function. Also you can find how many students are fail in exam by using count if function. You also can check that how many different players win the different games. Also can find the bills that are paid or not paid. So countif function be very useful in microsoft excel. Use countif function like as following.


Here range be the selection of cells on which values some decision done. Criteria is condition on which make decision. COUNTIF function is one of the type of IF function but having different parameters form IF function.


how to use countif function in excel example:-

For use countif function in excel create sheet like as that sheet which is given below.


Now insert function in cell C6 as =COUNTIF(B2:B4,”>500″) of sheet.

use countif function in excel

Press Enter Key to apply function and then after pressing enter key function is applied and sheet become like as following.


Now for calculation of fail students apply formula like as =COUNTIF(B2:B4,”<=500″) in the spread sheet of microsoft excel.


You also can use function like this for check no of pass students like as in following sheet of excel work book.


use countif function in excel

For fail students use like above use of countif function as following spread sheet.


So you had learn why and how to use countif function in microsoft excel. Excel provides powerful functions for performing some tasks in sheet of its work book.

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