In this tutorial you will learn that how to use average function in excel for calculating average of values. Average is value arithmetic mean value that is calculate by adding all values and divided by no of values as summation of values/no of values.

Excel provide powerful feature for calculating average of values in different cells. Excel provide many way for applying the average function in spread sheet values.


use average function in excel example:-

There are 10 persons of different age. For finding the average age sum all age and divide by 10 so average age be calculated.

Excel Sheet filled with the age of 10 persons as following.

use average function in excel

Find average by use of this formula like sum of age of persons/no of persons as following.


So after applying above formula sheet become as following.


After pressing enter key result in cell B12 shown as following.


so the average age of 10 persons of different ages is 35.9 as calculated. Also can find average by this method by using sum function.


Now apply above formula in cell B12 as following.


After pressing enter key result in cell B12 is as following.


Average value is same as previous method.

Now there is shortcut method that is use of average function in excel for calculation of average.

=AVERAGE(Selection Start Cell Reference:Selection End Cell Reference).

So applying average function on cell B2 to B11 as following.


Writer above formula in cell B12 then sheet is as following.


After pressing enter key the value in cell B12 like as following.

use of average function in excel

So by using average function work is faster so time save and some effort needed work. By using average function you can calculate the average speed of cars in race or calculate the average marks of students in class. Also calculate the average salary or attendance of employee.

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