In this tutorial you will learn about how to use absolute cell reference in excel. Absolute cell reference is the address of cell with $ sign. It is beneficial in copying formula from on place and paste that formula to another place in microsoft excel. Because if you did not use absolute cell reference in cell then you can not achieve the required results in spread sheet of microsoft excel. If did not use absolute reference then relative reference is pasted that did not give the required results. Absolute reference of cell is written as following.

=$column id$row id

so for A1 you can writer like this =$A$1.


use absolute cell reference in excel example:-

Make a spread sheet in microsoft excel as like following spread sheet.


In cell B3 add the values of cells having references A1 and A2.

use absolute cell reference in excel

For result of calculation press enter key and result display as following.


Now select cell B3 and right click from mouse.

use absolute cell reference in excel 2013

After click on copy the value cell is copied and ready for paste.


Now select cell B4 and right click of mouse you see the paste option like as following.


By clicking on paste option the formula is paste in B4 but value is not same as value of cell B3.


You can see in formula bar =A2+A3 and A3 has no value and 75+0=75. So result is not remain same so now to over come this problem need the absolute reference in cell B3. Type in cell B3 like as following.



After pressing enter key result is displayed in cell B3.

use absolute reference in excel

Now do copy and paste for B3 to B4 so you see that result is same by using the absolute cell reference. The sheet is became as following.


Hence you have learned that why and how you use absolute cell reference in excel.

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