In this tutorial you will learn about title bar and status bar of microsoft word. Title bar is most first bar of microsoft word document. It has title and some buttons having icons for specific operations. Status bar of word document have some buttons for some operations. So by status bar you see the status of the word document like as you can check how many words, paragraphs, line or space characters in document.

title bar and status bar of microsoft word

The title bar and status bar of microsoft are discuss below.

Title Bar of microsoft word:-

It is first bar of document having the title of the document and name of application like Word.

title bar of microsoft word

Quick access toolbar have some tools for quick access and will display on the left side of title in the title bar. In this bar different tools are displayed like repeat typing, save and some other tools.

Title of document has name of document and the name of application like Word.

Collection of buttons are on the right side of the title in title bar the Close button, restore button and maximize and minimize button will be displayed. By clicking on close button you can exit the document window and by minimize button document window be disappear from desktop. By using maximize button you can increase the size of document window and through button having ? you can get help about the microsoft word.


status bar of microsoft word:-

title bar and status bar of microsoft word

Page No Of Document by this option of status bar you can perform the navigation on the document of microsoft word. By using this option you can search term in document and also see the document consist on how much pages.

No Of Words In Document by this option you can check word count on the document so you can check how much spaces in document, paragraphs in document and pages in document etc.

Layouts by selecting different layouts you can change different layouts of the page according to the requirements. Layouts includes read mode, print layout and web layout.

Zoom Level by zoom level you can change the zoom view of your document on the screen. Minimum zoom level is 10% and maximum zoom level is 500%.

So by this tutorial you have learned about the title bar and status bar of microsoft word.


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