In this tutorial we will learn how to sort data in MS Excel. Microsoft excel provide facility to sort data. So we can sort data in Excel. In sorting we arrange entities according to specific order. By group of sorted entities it is easy to find some entity which belong to that group. Alphabetical and numerical shorting commonly used. We sort things by their some attributes. If want to sort according to name of these entities then alphabetical sorting. If want to sort according to numerical value like price or salary then use numerical sorting. Two orders are available for sorting one is ascending and other is descending. In ascending order we go from smaller to larger and in descending order we go from larger to smaller.

Sort data in excel Example:-

We have weekly salary sheet of employees we want to short the employees according to the name of employees so we use alphabetical sorting. Before shorting the employees are not arranged in order.

unsorted salary sheetFirst before sorting select the data that we want to sort.

select data for sortingNow right click and go on option named as sort.

sort data in excel by option of sortSelect the order of sort A to Z means ascending order and Z to A means descending order. We want to sort data in ascending order so click on sort A to Z and data is sorted in ascending order.

sorted salary sheetWe can also sort the data in descending order just clicking on the sort Z to A.

For custom sorting we select the option of custom sort. Custom sort is quite flexible from the simple sort.

advance sortingBy clicking on custom sort we see a dialog box named as sort. By the help of this dialog box we specify the column according to which we want to short the data.

sorting dialogboxI want to sort data of employees according to bonus. Now select the column name bonus select sort on values and order smallest to larger which means that ascending order.

change attribute for sorting

So selecting this order of employee data is according to the bonus.employee data in sorted form

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