In this tutorial, we will do to add up all the numbers that the ones going down under the days of the week headings. The total for each day of the week will be placed in row 8. So Monday’s total will go in cell B8, Tuesday’ total in cell C9 and so on. Lets see again last spreadsheet which we make in last tutorial:


Adding Up in Microsoft Excel:

Excel will needs to know the cell which you want to add up. Look at the column Monday, we have numbers in Monday column, 2 in B3, 1 in B4, 1 in B5 and 3 in B6. So we want to add up these numbers. For this, click inside cell B8 because we want answer in this cell. Click in cell B8 and then click in formula bar to write formula. Because we want to add up all, for this first write sign of equal (=) in the formula bar the write the formula like this:


And then press the enter to get result and spreadsheet looks like this:

Before press the enter button

Before press the enter button

After pressing the enter button

After pressing the enter button

When you complete your spreadsheet like ours in the image at the top of the page, follow us in next tutorial for further.



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