In this tutorial we will learn how to resize chart in excel. MS Excel provide the facility to resize the chart which you are created before. Some time in the sheet area for chart be low so then we need to resize our chart. For example area for chart is 4*4 inches and size of our chart is 6*6 so we need to resize it. To resize chart select chart then on the boundary of chart pointer’s change to double arrow pointer. Now hold click then dragging the mouse inward size of chart decrease.

resize chart in excel example:-

By the help of previous example salary sheet of employee we resize chart. We want to place chart in columns K,L,M and N but our chart is bigger so we need to resize it.

salary sheet chart

For resizing the chart first select the chart.
select chartWhen chart selected then points on the boundary of chart be highlighted. Go in lower left corner and two side arrow pointer show on chart boundary. You can change size of chart move inwards or outwards. By inward size of chart be decrease.

resize chart in excelSize of chart decrease and by selecting chart. After selecting by dragging the chart place chart on required location.

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