In this tutorial you will learn about protection in excel for worksheets and workbook. By the protection your worksheet be saved from the unauthorized access to your data. Which saved in worksheet. By protecting your workbook in excel you can save your workbook from the unauthorized access to your data. Excel provide security option for your important records. In protection you apply the password for changing with data which is in worksheet. By workbook protection you can secure the structure of workbook.

protection in excel example:-

Create a worksheet having some dummy values like as following sheet.

worksheet in excel


You want to protect this sheet then click on review menu and visit the changes panel same like as following.

changes panel in excel 2013


Now click on protect sheet option then protect sheet dialog box appear on the screen.

protect sheet dialog box in excel


In above text box you enter the password and select function from the options from list which you want to allow be unprotected.

protection in excel


After clicking on OK button a password confirmation dialog box appear and re enter the password.

password confirmation dialog box in excel


After pressing OK your sheet is protected and now try to change value of A1. Then warning message appear like as following.

protection in excel


For make changes in worksheet you need to unprotected the sheet so now visit the changes panel of review menu and click on unprotected sheet then a dialog box appear that require password form you.

unprotect sheet dialog box in excel


By giving the password you can make changes in the worksheet of excel. If you want to protect workbook structure of excel so then you need to select the option protect workbook.

protection in excel for workbooks and worksheets


Click on protect workbook then password dialog box appear like as following.

dialog box for workbook protextion in excel


Type password and press OK so then password confirmation dialog box appear like as following.

use protection in excel


After click on OK button you can not change the structure of workbook. So you can not insert a new sheet in protected workbook of microsoft excel.

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