In this tutorial we will learn paste special in excel. The paste special is another type of paste. In paste we put the values that are copied from one place but paste special little different from the paste. In paste special we can paste only the formula, values, format etc. At other location of the location from where we done copy. We can also apply two operations like formulas,number formats or values. Also the number formats or all using source theme etc.  If we want to take total salary of week of one employee.We need to add another column in the sheet.After it apply formula for calculation in one cell.

The used formula is be repeat many times due to many employees so instead of writing formula we use paste special. If we want only the value of one cell at other location so use the paste special. Because by paste special we can paste only the value on required location. If we want to only copy the comments of selected cell then by using paste special we only select the comments.

paste special in excel Example:-

Open the workbook of Microsoft Excel and select the sheet of workbook which we were using. After it merge H1 and H2. In H3 cell write Total Salary of Week.

mreged cellsWe want to calculate the salary of one employee from Monday to Saturday we apply the formula of summation on cells B4 to G4 as =SUM(B4:G4) in H4 by selection H4.

use of formula for summationFor applying this formula to other columns copy H4 and paste it in other columns by selection those columns and click on paste special or press ctrl + alt + v.

paste only formula on selected cells

After clicking on paste special we see a dialog box same as following:-

paste special dialog boxIf we want of paste only formula of H4 so then in paste select Formulas. After it in operations select none dialog box and click on OK. Now only formula is applied on selected cells.

custom selection paste special in excel

Now only the formula is applied on cells not the formatting is applied. This is done by using the paste special in excel.

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