In this tutorial we will learn how to do multiplication in MS Excel. Like addition we can done multiplication in Excel. We can do this with multiplication operator (*). For do multiplication in excel we select the cell where we want to put result of multiplication. After selection of cell we go in formula bar.Write there = reference of cell1 * reference cell2.For example multiply the values of cell A1 and B1 and result store in C1.We select C1 then write in formula bar =A1*B1 then press enter.

Another method is for multiplication in excel we use function named as product. By using the product function it is easy to multiply the data of 10 cells. If we want to multiply the data of 10 cells A1 to A10 and result show in B1 then select B1 and in formula bar we write


Now we want to calculate the bonus of employee on weekly basis. So we need to multiply the total salary of employee with the bonus percentage then we get bonus. So we learn in this article how to do multiplication in Microsoft Excel work sheet.

multiplication in excel example:-

We take our salary sheet add new columns in that sheet named as Bonus Percentage and Bonus.  We merge the I1 & j1 with cell which has data salary sheet and merge the I2 & j2 with cell which has data Week 1.

So then we get sheet like this

employee salary sheetEvery employee has different percentage from each other. So then after inserting the percentage of each employee we get sheet like this:-

salary sheet

We can take the bonus by multiply the total salary of week and bonus percentage so we write in cell J4 =H4*I4 then we get the sheet like this:-

multiplication in salary sheet

Now select the cell J4 and go on home menu and from Clipboard Panel we select Copy or press ctrl + c for the copy.

use of copy

We select the other cells where we want to apply the formula.

select cells for multiplication in excelNow go on home menu and from Clipboard panel open the drop down menu of past and then select in past formulas so by this only formula of cell J4 is applied on the other cells.

paste formula on selected cells



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