In this tutorial we will learn how to move chart in Excel. You can move the charts in MS Excel which you are created before. Now you think that location is not suitable for that chart. So you need to change the location of chart. For moving the chart form one location to other location you need to select the chart. After select chart hold click and drag the chart to newer location.

You also can move the chart from one sheet to other sheet by using move chart option. Select chart on one sheet and select the move option. After selection dialog box appeared. Select the sheet where you want to locate chart and press OK.

Move Chart in Excel Example:-

By using the previous example of salary sheet of employee we move chart from on location to other location in same sheet of Microsoft Excel. Employee salary sheet of week is given below.

move chart in ms excelFirst select the the chart by click on the chart.

select chartYour chart is selected and now click&hold it. Drag the mouse pointer to other location and location of chart is change.

move chart in ms excelTo move the chart from one sheet to other sheet use move chart option. To show option right click on the chart.

move chart from one sheet to otherAfter selecting the option a dialog box show which required from you a destination sheet.

dialog boxSelect that sheet where we need to place chart and then click OK. After it new dialog box shown and so now click on yes.

select sheet to move chart in excelSo now your required chart’s location is changed from sheet 2 to sheet 1.

change sheet of chartSo now we have successfully change the location of chart from sheet2 to sheet1 which is required.

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