Microsoft word is a application software which is use for the text or word processing and also part of package microsoft office. It is also known as text processor or word processor and its file extension is .doc. In text processing you play with the text. This application software provides interface for typing the text and also you can format the typed text. You can create any type of text document by using the microsoft word. The domain of microsoft word is very broad and almost it can use in every field of life where you need to type text. It is used in business organizations and also be in some educational institutes. It be use at every organization where the clerk exists and clerk do administration and keep record such as text files.

Uses of Microsoft word:-

  • It use in schools, colleges and universities.
  • You can use it in composing shops.
  • Can be use in hospitals for application letters.
  • It can be use for making portfolio.
  • By this application you can write research paper.
  • You also can write novel or book by using it.
  • You can writer letters and applications in it.
  • Reports are also written in this application software.

Benefits and features of microsoft excel:-

You can insert images in the text document by using this software. So you can insert your picture in your portfolio. In research paper you can insert graphs and other images which increase the readability of the research paper.

You can apply different effects on the text of document by using microsoft word. These effect includes bold, underline, italic, change color, change style and change size etc. The document in the microsoft word be the soft copy of document and microsoft word also provides the facility to print the document through printer to get hard copy of document.

Microsoft word provide the facility of auto save the work after specific time. So it is very useful feature you do not need to save again and again manually. It provides the graphical user interface. So is very convenient for the user because many options have icons which are graphical so easily understand by the users.

This software provide the security to the document by which you can secure the document form editing through the unauthorized access. So by its multi level security you can secure you text documents.

You can use microsoft word with shortcut commands which speed up your working and save time. It also provide the facility of copy text and paste it in document or at other location. You can undone the changes many time and it also supports the redo.

disadvantages of microsoft word:-

  • Huge collection of word documents are unmanageable and take much memory.
  • It is very expensive software so no every one can buy.
  • It targeted by the many viruses so word document may be corrupt.
  • Its loading is slow so take time for loading.


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