In this tutorial we will learn how to use sparkline in excel. With the help of sparkline differentiation is easy between different candidates. Spark line is small chart for graphical representation of data. Sparkline chart be fit into the cell so it is valuable. Many types of sparklines are available in sparkline group.

use sparkline in excel example:-

For use sparkline in excel you need data. I have results of five students with five subjects.

result sheet of studentsIf you want to insert sparkline chart in row8 so increase size of row8.

row8 First create spark line for John so select data of John.

select data of johnNow click on insert menu and visit sparkline panel.

sparkline panelSparkline panel has three types line,column and win/loss. Select line and create sparklines dialog appears. You write in location range text box B8 and press OK.

create sparklines dialogAfter pressing OK B8 become as following.

sparkline at B8For Charles select data of Charles.

data of charlesLike John click on insert option and select line now give location range C8.

sparkline for charlesRepeat same procedure for Bob, Salmax and Addam.Now D8,E8 and F8 become as following.

use sparkline in excelFor changing the design of sparkline visit design menu.

designs of sparklinesBy selection of design the sparkline change according to requirement.

different styles of sparklinesNow sparkline of F8 become as following.

after change F8You also can change sparkline line to column. For this first select sparkline and by using design option visit type panel.

type panel of design menuAfter selection of column F8 become as following.

F8 with columnYou can change the color of sparklines by using the option of sparkline color.

sparkline colorAfter selection of required color F8 become as following.

color change of sparklineFor changing the color of different bars of column chart use marker color option.

marker color optionAfter select high point color black then cell F8.

black high pointIf want to last point be red then select last point and choose color red. After selection cell F8 become as following.

last point redSo we used sparkline chart which is required.




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