In this tutorial you will learn how to use hyperlinks in excel. By using hyperlink you can insert the link by which you can go on other location. you can link the sheet with the text by using hyperlink in microsoft excel. You can link the web page with the text in excel by selection of option existing file or web page in insert hyperlink dialog box. The most common use of hyperlink is to patch link of email address with the text of cell in the worksheet of excel.

use hyperlinks in excel example:-

Create worksheet in excel that have name of sheets like as following sheet.

navigation in excel by hyperlinks

Now add hyperlink to text sheet2 so click on insert menu and visit the Links panel same as following sheet.

links panel in excel 2013

Click on the Hyperlinks option of the links panel from the insert menu to add link to sheet2. After clicking on Hyperlinks insert hyperlink dialog box appear and select place in this document option like as following sheet.

insert hyperlink dailog box in excel

Select sheet2 and click on OK button then hyperlink added to sheet2 like as following sheet.

use hyperlinks in excel 2013

Select the cell C3 in the excel like as following sheet.

select cell in excel

So now right click of mouse and select hyperlink option like as following sheet.

hyperlinks option in excel

After clicking on hyperlink option the dialog box appear like as following.

use hyperlinks in excel

Click on OK button to insert hyperlink in sheet1 of sheet3 like same as following sheet.

hyperlink to sheet 3 in excel

You also can insert the link of first sheet in sheet2 and sheet3. For this go in sheet2 and type in cell A1 home.

hyperlink in excel

Press ctrl + k and insert hyperlinks dialog box appear like as following.

hyperlink in excel 2013

After click OK button the hyperlink of sheet1 added to sheet2 same as like following.

home link in excel

You can do same for the sheet3. Hence you have learned the use of hyperlinks in excel.

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