In this tutorial you will learn how to use data form in excel. Data form is the way by which you make the interface of excel worksheet convenient. You can use data form when you have large spread sheet and you need to scroll to see data in the worksheet of excel. By data form you can insert, delete, Find next and previous record of excel sheet.

use data form in excel example:-

You have sheet which has data of employees of an organization. Fields of sheet are employee_ID, employee_Name, employee_Designation, employee_Salary and employee_Bonus.

employee record sheet in excel

So on the above sheet you need to scroll the sheet for finding the data of employee in the worksheet. You can use here the data form for this data. For insert the data click on file menu and some options are like as following sheet.

options of file menu in excel

Now take move pointer on the Options like as following sheet.

options of file menu in microsoft excel

After click on options the Excel Options dialog box appear as like following sheet.

excel options dialog box

Now select the quick access toolbar option and then click on drop down menu named as choose command from. Take cursor on the option Commands not in the ribbon like as following.

use data form in excel

Scroll down and find the option Form and select it like as following.

quick access toolbar in excel

For add the Form in the quick access tool bar click on Add>> button and then Form added to the toolbar like as following.

form added to toolbar in microsoft excel 2013

Click on the OK button of the Excel Option dialog box same as like following sheet.

use data form in excel 2013

So you can see the form icon on the left side of the title bar in microsoft excel.

form icon in excel title bar

By clicking on form button the form name as sheet1 appear on the screen like as following.

form of employee sheet in excel

You can find the previous or next record by clicking on Find Prev or Find Next buttons. Now click on Find Next button and you can see the record of employee having id 2.

use form in excel 2013

For add new record through the form click on button having caption New. Insert the data of new employee like as this sheet.

data form in excel

Press enter button to insert the record in the excel work sheet. So you have learn how to use data form in excel and how to find and insert new record in excel worksheet. You also can delete data by clicking on delete button.


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