In this tutorial you will learn how to generate worksheet template in excel. Template makes the work easy and save the time. If you need a worksheet again and again so create a worksheet template to save the effort and time because you have not need to make excel worksheet from scratch.

The worksheet template can be include the charts, reports or pivot tables to make your work efficient and time saving. It is very easy to generate worksheet template to create template open work book. Then make a worksheet and then save it type as excel template. You also can insert the generated template by right click on the sheet tab and select insert option. Then click OK button after select the template. So your required template inserted. On the other hand you can insert the template by click on file menu and select open option and then select the template that you want to insert. After conformation of selection your template insert into the workbook.

generate worksheet template in excel example:-

Create a spread sheet of student and obtained marks are sum of marks of all subjects. Percentage is

calculated as (obtained marks/total marks)*100.

student worksheet template in excel

Now for save the worksheet as template click on file menu and then select save as option.

save as option in excel

Click on browse option then save dialog box appeared.

save dialog box in excel worksheet

Now click on save button for save the template. Now you want to insert the template so right click on the sheet tab and select the insert option.

how to insert template in excel

After select the insert option you can select the template from insert dialog box and click on OK button then your required template insert into the workbook of excel. You can open the saved template work sheet by Pressing ctrl+o and file open dialog box appear infront of you select the required template like as following.

how to generate worksheet template in excel

So you have learned about the generation and usage of the microsoft excel worksheet templates.



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