In this tutorial we will learn how to create trendline chart in excel. By using trend line chart prediction about future become easy. MS Excel provide strong feature of inserting trendline charts. For trendline chart we have data of past to present and predict future values.

For Inserting trendline chart like previous charts first select available data.

create trendline chart in excel example:-

For create trendline chart in excel we need data through which we generate chart. Use soap yearly sales till present year and predict future sales. Required sheet is given below.

soap yearly saleLike previous tutorials select that data for which chart create.

selection of data After selection of data visit insert menu and select scattered chart.

scattered chartAfter inserting scattered chart .

scattered chartChange chart title to Sales and chart become as following.

change titleUse trendline between the points to increase the readability of chart. To insert click on chart elements of + sign which is on the above right most corner of chart.

chart elementsAfter clicking on chart elements some check boxes appears with labels. Now you see trend line is currently not have mark.

trend lineWhen mark trendline then line insert into the chart.

I have changed the line style to exponential by using following option.

exponentialClick on more options and format trendline appear at right side of sheet also select linear.

linear trendlineAfter selection of linear trendline.

linear lineNow mark check box named as display equation on chart and chart become as following.

Linear equation is represent on chart for lux as y=1964.3x+49464. Write this equation in C10 as =1964.3*B10+49464

Linear equation is represent on chart for imperial as y=7750x+3607.1. Write this equation in D10 as =7750*B10+3607.1

formula in D10Apply formula of C10 on C11,12,13 and 14.

c11 to c14 formula appliedApply formula of D10 on D11,12,13 and 14.

D11 to 14 formula applied

So now we have successfully predict the sales of lux and imperial for next 5 years which is required.



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