In this tutorial you will learn how to write a letter by using microsoft word. So getting started with microsoft word open a blank word document. Now where cursor is blinking that is the starting point of the microsoft word document.

Getting Started with microsoft word first document:-

Open blank document in microsoft word and now you see the cursor at initial point as same like following sheet.

first document in microsoft word


Now type a application letter like as following in the microsoft word.

first application letter in microsoft word


Save your work by pressing ctrl + s or click on save button in title bar.

save document in microsoft excel


After clicking on save button appearance of screen is be same like as following sheet.

save as document in microsoft word


Click on browse and select the location for saving the document in your computer’s hard disk drive.

save dialog microsoft word


After set the name of document and type of document click on save button to store the file from primary storage memory(RAM) to secondary storage memory(HDD).

If you have deleted some text by mistake in your text document so no need to worry about it because microsoft word providing support undone the changes and redone the changes. I have deleted the last line of my application by a mistake.

deletion in microsoft word

Now use undo option of title bar to undone the clear operation on text of microsoft word document.

undo in microsoft word


So by pressing ctrl + z or click on undo button this operation undone so last line come back. So after undo clear appearance of document become as following.

undo clear in microsoft word


You also can select the text of document as your requirement. To select character by character press shift key of keyboard. Now by left or right arrow key you can start selection from left or right side of cursor respectively.

character by character selection in microsoft word


By pressing shift + down arrow key or up arrow key you can select a line right or left side of cursor same as like following document.

select text line in microsoft word


For select word by word text in microsoft word press ctrl + shift +left or right arrow key to select word left or right side of cursor. For select paragraph press ctrl + shift + down arrow key or up arrow key to select paragraph of left or right side of cursor.

select paragraph in microsoft word

You have learned how to write text and select the text in microsoft word.

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