In this tutorial we learn that how to format chart in excel. Microsoft excel provide strong formatting facility for charts. To format chart use format menu from menu ribbon. By using format menu you change the background of the chart. To format chart first select that chart you want to format. You also create customized chart style in microsoft excel. For customized background by using format menu select fill color option and adjacent options custom background applied to the chart.

format chart in excel example:-

Now format a chart of salary sheet created in previous tutorials. You did not select chart so format menu is hide.

To show format menu select chart.

select chartChart is selected and you can see format menu in menu ribbon.

format menuFormat menu has panels like shape styles,Word-Art styles and size.

panels in format menuTo change the background select the style of shape from shape styles panel. When shape style selected then that style applied on the chart.

styles for shapeAfter clicking on required style the selected style applied on the chart.

format chart in excel Select fill shape option and select color to customize background.
fill color optionFor customize color select more fill colors.colorNow color apply on the chart which selected by you.changed backgroundTo change the shade of background select option gradient from fill shape.gradient colorAfter selection of gradient chart become as following.customized gradientYou also change the border color of the chart by using next option of fill shape named as shape outline.

shape outlineYou can change color of border by using the color. To change border line style select dashes and to change border line width select weight. First select border color red from theme colors and chart show as following.

red border of chartNow change border style of the chart as dashes so chart become as following.

dashes borderAfter changing the width of border line to 6pt chart become as following.

borderline 6pt



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