In this tutorial we will learn that how to format axes line chart in excel. You created a line chart and its axes not good so now you can change it. MS Excel provide facility to format axes. To format axes first select axis and after right clicking many options show to you. Select format axis option from collection of options. Some options show after selection of format axis option. By using these options you can format an axis. An axis is horizontal or vertical line on the chart through which values are represented in better way.

format axes line chart in excel example:-

For format axes line chart in excel use previous example named as soap sales/month. To format axis in line chart you need to select chart and select an axis.

select an axisNow axis is selected. After right click options appear on screen.

format axes optionAfter clicking on the format axis option a panel appear at right side of screen named as format axis.

format axes panelNow no axis line to show axis line click on solid line option and some options related to it appear below of it.

solid line optionBy selection of color change color of line,selection of width change width of axis. When select these options then appearance as following.

color boxYou also see more colors by clicking on more colors option. After changing axis width to 1.5 pt chart become as following.

axis of widh 1.5 ptFor filling the axis select fill option from format axis panel.

fill axisAfter selection of solid line instead of no fill you more options appear in front of you.

Now by using color option change color to yellow and chart become as following.

yellow axis of line chart

You also change the text of the axis by using the text option of format axis panel.

format axes line chart in excel

By text fill option you can change color of text of axis to red.

axis text redFor changing the color of outline of axis text use text outline option.


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