In this tutorial you will learn about font formatting in microsoft word. You can increase the readability of document by format the text. By font formatting you change the appearance of text of document. For perform formatting on font visit font panel of home menu. Font panel have some different powerful formatting options like font style, font size, bold, italic, underline, change color, text effects, change case and clear formatting.

font formatting in microsoft word example:-

You have a text document same like as following.

fornt formatting in microsoft word 2013


Change Font Style: Microsoft word providing many font styles for the text documents. You can select font style according to your requirement.

font style microsoft word


Now select other font style for the selected text of document and font style changed.

microsoft word


Change Font Size: You can change the size of font in text documents of microsoft word to increase the readability of document. Minimum font size in microsoft word is 8 and maximum font size is 72.

font size of text in microsoft word


Now change the font size 12 to 20 same like as following.

font size 20 of text in word


Bolt Text: visit bold option of home menu to bold the text. Now select the text and press ctrl + b or click on bold option.

bold text microsoft word


Italic Text: Visit the font option of home menu and find italic. To Italic the selected text by clicking on the italic option or pressing ctrl + i same like as following.

italic text in microsoft word


Underline: Visit underline option of font panel to under line the text. Select text and press ctrl + u or click on underline option same like as following.

underline text in word


Change Color Of Font: For changing the color of the font select the text and visit the font color option in font panel of home menu like as following.

font color option in microsoft word


Now select the color for selected text from the collection of colors like as following.

color for font in microsoft word


After selection of red color the text document become as following.

font formatting in microsoft word


Hence you have learned how to format font in microsoft word by the above example.

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