In this tutorial you will learn the use of data validation in excel. It is very useful and time saving in excel because the chance of error decrease. It also increase the convenience for the data entry because the chance of flaw be decrease.

use data validation in excel example:-

You have the record sheet of the students and having fields like student name, DOB and class as like this sheet.

record sheet of student in excel


In DOB column need only the insert the date so apply the validation rule for the DOB must be date so this can apply by selection of validation. So click on the data menu and visit the data tool panel and find the data validation option.

data validation in excel

Click on data validation and dropdown list of options appear as like following.

dropdown list of data validation in excel

Click on data validation option and data validation dialog box appear in front of you.

data validatio dialog box in excel

In validation criteria select the date option form the allow dropdown menu.

rule for allow date in excel

In data select the date greater than and select the start date criteria as like following.

define date criteria in excel

You can type the input message which is shown on the selection of given cell. Type title of message and type the message like as following sheet.

data validation input message in excel

Select the next tab named as error alert and select style warning and type tile and message in the text boxes same as following sheet.

error message in data validation in excel

Now click on OK button and you see on selected cell the the input message appear same as following sheet.

data validation in excel

Type the date in the cell as 1/2/1992 same like as following sheet.

date of birth in excel sheet

Press enter key and error message show like as sheet which is given below.

error message on the validation of data in excel

Click on button which caption is No and type date 1/1/1995 like as following.

date of birth in excel with validation of data

Hence you had learn the data validation in excel and input and error messages of the validation.

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