In this tutorial we learn how to create line chart in excel. Microsoft Excel provide best feature for creating line chart. When data represent through chart analysis on it easy. To create line chart first select data and click on insert menu. Now visit charts panel and select line chart. If want to design the inserted chart select chart and visit design menu’s chart styles panel.

Also change the color of line chart by using the change colors option of chart styles panel.

To change layout of chart use quick layouts option of the chart layouts panel.

If want to elements (like axes, data label, data table, error bars and grid lines etc.) to charts select add chart element from chart layouts panel. By adding an element to chart increase readability of chart.

create line chart in excel example:-

For creating line chart we use previous soap sales/month sheet. Which is following.

data for line chartAfter selection of data click on insert menu and visit charts panel.

insert menu of excelSelect insert line chart from charts panel.

2D line chartsAfter clicking on the required 2D line chart chart insert into the sheet.

line chartFor changing the design of line chart select chart and visit design menu. In design menu there many designs of line charts.

design line chartAfter selection of required design chart become as.

line chart style 10For changing the colors use change colors option from chart styles panel.

change colorsAfter selection of color 3 from chart styles panel chart become as following.

group color 3For changing the layout of the chart select Quick Layouts from chart layouts panel.

layout of line chartAfter selecting layout 1 chart become as following.

layout 1 of chartsFor add element to created chart select that element from chart layouts panel “add chart elements”.

add element to chartFrom Axes option change the axes of line chart.

change axesWhen clicking on primary vertical chart become as following.

primary vertical axes of line chartWith help of data label option you can labeled the data represented by line.

create line chart in excelChart become as following after inserting the data labels.

chart with data labelsYou also insert data table into the chart for increase readability of chart by selecting data table option.

inserting data table in chartAfter inserting data table into chart the chart become as following.

data table in chart

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