In this tutorial we learn that how to create&format pie chart in excel. MS Excel provide the facility to create pie chart and format it. By 2D pie cart representation of data is graphical. Readability of data increases by using pie chart. For creating the chart first select the data for which you want to create chart. After selection of data click on insert menu and select the pie chart. For format chart use the format option and design option.

create&format pie chart in excel example:-

We want to create the chart&format chart in excel. We have data of soap sales per month. Select the all data like soap name and sales per month.

For add chart into the sheet click on the insert menu and select pie chart.

pie chart option

After selection of the pie chart sheet is become as following.

Pie chart of soapsFor changing the design of the pie chart click on design menu and select the required design.

designs of pie chartsAfter changing the design of chart. Chart become as following.

create pie chart in excelWe also change the layout of the pie chart by using the Quick Layout option in design menu.

change layout of pie chartAfter changing the layout of chart to layout 4 chart become as following.

layout 4You also can change the colors of pie chart by using the option change colors.

change colorsAfter selection of colors chart become as.

group color 3Now for inserting title to the chart use option add element to chart.

chart titleBy default now chart title is none so no title show. If select above chart the title is show above the chart.

title of pie chart

For format pie chart select pie chart and by using the format menu you can format the chart.

create&format pie chart in excelBy using format menu you can change the background color of the chart also change the border of chart. change background color by using the shape fill option.

change backgroundAfter changing color of background to blue accent 1 chart become as following.

Blue backgroundAlso change the effect of chart by using option shape effect.

shape effectAfter changing the shape effect the chart become as following.

glow border


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