In this tutorial we will learn that how to create chart in excel.MS Excel provide the facility of creating charts. By the help of chart in MS Excel we can represent our numeric data graphically which is convenient for the reader. For create chart in MS Excel we have the numerically sorted data. We can create many chart of many types like column,pie,line,radar,bubble and combo. For creating any type of charts go on the chart panel which is in insert menu. Now select chart of that type which you want to create.

Create Chart In Excel Example:-

We have the employee salary sheet which is sorted numerically. We want to create chart of bonus of employee. So we select the data for which we want to make chart.

create charts in ms excelAfter selection of the data click on insert menu then go on chart Panel and select the type of chart which you want to insert. I select insert column chart.

to add column chartAfter clicking on the insert column chart select the 2D column chart from .

2d column chartsAfter inserting the 2D column chart we have the salary sheet like this:-

2D column chart create chartWe can edit the chart after selecting the chart some buttons right side of chart appears and select that button which has picture of brush then style of chart so style of chart changed.

change the style of chartWe can also change the colors of the chart by clicking on color which is adjacent to style and change the colors of the chart by selecting the required group of colors.

change color of chart


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