In this tutorial we will learn that how to use options of copy and paste in MS Excel. MS Excel provide the very good facility of copy and paste. Basically copy means that duplicate of data. Paste means that place the duplicate of data where you want that data. Copy and Paste work to gather. If we want to use one word 12 times in spread sheet so we have to write same word again and again this is time consuming and require much effort. To overcome the effort and save time we use copy that word which repeated and paste it where you want. For example you have a salary sheet of employees and their salary repeat so instead of writing salary again and again we use copy and paste option.

copy and paste in MS excel Example:-

We are making a salary sheet of employees week by week. Select cells A1-G1 and then go on Home Menu in menu bar then go on the alignment panel then go on Merge & Center

merge and centerNow click it. After clicking on Merge & Center A1-G1 cells are merged and become a single cell. Then write in this cell Salary Sheet.

Now select A2-G2 then merge and then write Week 1 so it become like following:-

Now write in cells A3 Employee Name, B3 Monday, C3 Tuesday, D3 Wednesday, E3 Thursday, F3 Friday, G3 Saturday. You also need to increase the size of columns. Then Sheet2 become as following:-

employee salary sheetNow enter the employee name and his salary in the sheet. After entering the Employees name sheet become as following:-

salary sheet of employee

The daily salary of employees is 500 so it repeats 48 time so write again and again we write one time 500 and copy it. For copy we go on home menu and then in Clip board panel we click on Copy Option or press ctrl + c.

copy cell

After copy 500 we can paste it where we need to write 500. Copy one time and paste many time.

For paste 500 in C4 select C4 then we go on Home menu then Clipboard panel and click on paste or press ctrl + v.

paste cell copy and paste in excel Same as above we paste 500 in all other cells where we need to write 500 by selecting those cells. So after this we get the Spread sheet like this.

Now the Sheet 2 is like:-

salary sheet after paste data

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