In this tutorial you will learn how to use conditional cell format in excel. Microsoft excel providing powerful features of formatting of cells, sheets and fonts etc. So conditional format can be used in result sheet for representation of results in effective way. You can use it in the result sheet of students, result sheet of games and in data sheet of store. You can fill cell with different colors on different conditions.

conditional cell format in excel example:-

For use conditional format in microsoft excel create sheet of student marks like as sheet which is given below.


You want to change color of cell on specific condition. If student pass then cell of student column is of green color and if student fails then color be red. So visit style panel of home menu.


From style panel visit conditional formatting option by clicking on it.


Now click on color scales menu and select the color scale red yellow and green for the cell.

conditional cell format in excel

When color scale selected then visit  option named as manage rules.


After selection of manage rules a dialog box appeared like as following.

conditional cell format in excel

Now click on edit rule button and after click appearance like this.


Select a rule type as format all cells based on their values. From edit rule description select in minimum the formula.


By selection of formula and color red for minimum. Also for maximum type formula and color green and format style 2-color scale.


Now put the values so according to values the color be the change according to conditions.


Press OK button and select highlight cell rule between.

So now set equal to PASS and color green from custom color.


After pressing OK button so then applied on cell.


Also select equal to FAIL then fill cell with red color and copy editing of cell on next cell.

Now enter record on next student and copy editing on this cell.


Hence used that conditional format cell excel.


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