In this tutorial learn about check spelling and grammar microsoft word. It is very powerful feature of microsoft word by using this feature you can check the mistakes of spelling and grammar. You can easily use spelling and grammar in microsoft word. You wrote letter in microsoft word but you forgot the spellings of some words and typed incorrect spellings. So no need to worry about mistakes by using check spell and grammar you can correct the incorrect spellings. You can find the option of check spelling and grammar in proofing panel of review menu of microsoft word. On the other hand by right click on the incorrect word you can select the suggestions.

check spelling and grammar microsoft word example:-

You have document like as following to check spelling and grammar in microsoft word.

check spelling and grammer in microsoft word


In this document spelling of three words are incorrect so by using check spelling and grammar option check correct spelling of words. Click on review menu same like as following.

review menu micorsoft word 2013


Spelling panel appeared on the right side of scree after clicking on check spelling and grammar option same like as following.

spelling panel microsoft word


Now select suggestion about the last word having incorrect spellings and click on change.

check spelling and grammer microsoft word


Check the suggestions about the the second incorrect word in document.



Now click on ignore button you want to type activity. After ignoring it appearance of word document become as following.

suggestion for work in microsoft word


To change the incorrect word with suggestion select the suggestion and click on change so then changes applied on the document.

information message after checking spelling and grammer


You can change the grammar setting in microsoft word. You need to visit file menu.

edit dictonary in microsoft word


After clicking on options then word option dialog box appear on the screen.

word option dailogbox microsoft word


Select proofing option to change setting of the dictionary and option be like as following.

proofing in microsoft word 2013


Hence you learned how to check spelling and grammar in microsoft word and also how to change the dictionary setting in microsoft excel.

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