In this tutorial we learn how to change style layout of chart in excel. If you inserted a chart in excel and you want to change its style so you can change it because Microsoft Excel provide facility to do this. For changing the style of the chart you need to select the chart and then using the design menu you can change the style of chart. You also change the layout of the chart in excel sheet by using design menu. In design menu chart layouts panel click on Quick Layouts and select layout according to requirement.

change style layout of chart in excel example:-

By using the example of salary sheet of employee we change style layout of the chart in excel. First we select the chart.

selected chart in excelAfter selecting the chart click on design menu.

design menuFrom design menu’s chart styles panel you can select the style for chart and selected style applied on chart.

changed style of chart in excelFor change colors you need to click on change color in chart styles panel.

change colors of chartClick on change color and select the color group.

change style and layout of chart in excelTo change the layout of selected chart click on Quick Layout in panel named as chart layouts.

change style layout of chart in excelNow select the layout which you want and selected layout applied on the chart.

layout changed

So style and layout of chart change as you required.

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