Resize and move clip arts in microsoft word clip arts are simple pictures or symbols which give aid to a document to understand in a better way. We insert clip arts in a word page. Sometimes there is a need to resize or transfer clip art in the page but it may be difficult. WhenRead more »

Set header footer in Microsoft word document Words header footer describe their nature as these have names. header footer give a great look to the page. so both apply for whole document. Header applies in upper section of the page and same footer applies in lower section of the page. In these sections, we put time and date,Read more »

In this tutorial you will learn the tab setting in microsoft word. Use tab to insert group of space characters. Default tab stop is 0.5” so by tab setting you can change default tab stop from 0.5” to according to your requirements. You can set different tab stop positions according to your requirements. You alsoRead more »

In this tutorial you will learn about font formatting in microsoft word. You can increase the readability of document by format the text. By font formatting you change the appearance of text of document. For perform formatting on font visit font panel of home menu. Font panel have some different powerful formatting options like fontRead more »

In this tutorial learn how to use bullets in microsoft word. By using bullets you can increase the readability of document. Microsoft word providing different kinds of bullets for text. Different options for bullets are available in the paragraph panel. Paragraph panel have bullets, numbering and multilevel list options by using which you can increaseRead more »

In this tutorial you will learn about the page layout in microsoft word. By the help of page layout menu you can easily manage the pages of the document. With the help of page setup panel you can change the margins, orientation, size and columns of page. You also set the border of page andRead more »

In this tutorial learn about check spelling and grammar microsoft word. It is very powerful feature of microsoft word by using this feature you can check the mistakes of spelling and grammar. You can easily use spelling and grammar in microsoft word. You wrote letter in microsoft word but you forgot the spellings of someRead more »

In this tutorial you will learn how to align text in microsoft word. By alignment of text you can increase the readability of text document in microsoft word. Microsoft word provides different alignment options like align left, align right, center and justify. Alignment option for text make the work easy and it is time savingRead more »

In this tutorial you will learn about title bar and status bar of microsoft word. Title bar is most first bar of microsoft word document. It has title and some buttons having icons for specific operations. Status bar of word document have some buttons for some operations. So by status bar you see the statusRead more »

In this tutorial you will learn how to write a letter by using microsoft word. So getting started with microsoft word open a blank word document. Now where cursor is blinking that is the starting point of the microsoft word document. Getting Started with microsoft word first document:- Open blank document in microsoft word andRead more »

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