In last tutorial, you were add up numbers in cells by simple entering equal sign like this: =B3+B4+B5+B6 But this is not a good way to add up in Microsoft Excel. For example, if you have 30 cells to add up then you have to write name of these 30 cells, which take lot ofRead more »

In this tutorial, we will do to add up all the numbers that the ones going down under the days of the week headings. The total for each day of the week will be placed in row 8. So Monday’s total will go in cell B8, Tuesday’ total in cell C9 and so on. LetsRead more »

Spreadsheet from the previous tutorial have a title in cell C1. In this tutorial, you will know, how to use auto fill function of Microsoft Excel. Click inside cell B2 and type Monday, as the figure shown below: In this spreadsheet, now we have to enter name of all days of the week in rowRead more »

From previous tutorial, you should be know about the basic of Microsoft Excel. In this section, we will build a complex spreadsheet. In this section, you will learn about: How to use auto-fill in a spreadsheet. How to insert a row or column in a spreadsheet. How to add up a numbers in a column.Read more »

This tutorial is about to merge the cells in Microsoft excel for this see spreadsheet, shown below:   Look at the row 1, you will see that the “Customer Bill” heading stretches across three cells. This is not three different separated cells but cell B1, C1 and D1 were merged. To merge the cells higlightedRead more »

Look at the following spreadsheet, which you will be shortly creating:   The column D has a heading of “Price”. The all prices have the currency symbol. To insert the new currency symbol, highlighted the cells to change or insert currency symbol. With the cells highlighted, locate the Number panel on the Excel ribbon. DropRead more »

You want to save your work in Microsoft Excel, for this just following these steps: Microsoft Excel 2010 Users: For Excel 2010 users, click “File” option which is at the top of the left side of the Excel. And you will see options like this: You will find “save” option at the top in theRead more »

In the previous tutorial  you saw how to change the font and font size in Microsoft Excel. In this lesson, you will see how to change the color of a cell. Change the Background Color of a Cell: To change the background color of cells, you first have to highlight the ones you want toRead more »

If you have been following along with the previous tutorials, you should now have a spreadsheet that looks like this:   In this tutorial you will be able to Microsoft Excel font formatting. Choosing a font in Microsoft Excel 2010: In Microsoft Excel, you can pick a different font for the data you enter into cells,Read more »

By clicking inside of a cell it makes it active, and changes will be making if you want. We want to center all our numbers and the text. Here’s the spreadsheet we have: So we need cells C1, C2, C3 and C4 to be active. In Excel, you can do this by highlighting the cells.Read more »

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