In this tutorial you will learn how to align text in microsoft word. By alignment of text you can increase the readability of text document in microsoft word. Microsoft word provides different alignment options like align left, align right, center and justify. Alignment option for text make the work easy and it is time saving and found in paragraph panel of home menu. E.g. if you are writing a letter then you need to write address on the left side so by entering the space character it is time consuming task so select text and use there align left option. To give title to chapter you need to write it in center of line so you add space characters but by selecting title then using the align center you can easily align it center so effort and time saved.

align text in microsoft word example:-

Open text document in microsoft word and change alignment of text in the document. For opening the document press ctrl + o or go in file menu.

open file in microsoft word


Select the location where the document exists in computer like as following.

drive selection for open file in microsoft excel


Now select the folder where the required file exists and select file.

select file to open in microsoft word

Click on Open button to open document in microsoft word. Now after clicking file opened like as following.



Title is not looking google need to appropriate alignment in the text document. Click on Home menu and visit the paragraph panel same like as following.

microsoft word home menu


Now select alignment center for Title same like as following.

text align center in document of word

You can align title by using align center option of paragraph panel or by pressing ctrl + e. So now title aligned center.

center alignment of microsoft word 2013


Now for using justify make the text document like as following.

justity text in micorsoft word 2013


Now to justify this text select the text of paragraph like as following.

selected text in microsoft word


To justify the text use justify option of paragraph panel in microsoft word like as following.

justify option of paragraph panel align text in microsoft word


Now click on justify option or press ctrl + j and text justified same like as following.

justified text in microsoft word


Now save the document by pressing ctrl + s. So changes on text of document are saved on hard drive of computer system. Hence you had learned how to align text in microsoft word.




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