In this tutorial we will learn how to add comment to cell in MS Excel. We add comment to  cell in Microsoft Excel spread sheet for increase readability and convenience. Comment is the description about the cell which shows when mouse arrow hover that cell which have comment. We can also edit, delete, show and hide the comment in Microsoft Excel. For edit the comment we select the option Edit Comment. For delete the comment select the option Delete Comment which is next to Edit Comment. To hide the shown comment we click on Show/Hide Comment option that is next to the Delete Comment and to show hidden comment we click on Show/Hide Comment.

add comment to cell in excel example:-

Now we are going to adding the comment on cell J3 to help the user that what is bonus. Mouse right click on the cell to see the options.

insert comment option

After selecting the Insert Comment option we see out sheet like this

comment boxComment box have the name of Author who write the comment you can change the name of author in comment box and after the name you can write the description about the cell so I write about J3 that is shows the bonus of the employees according to the bonus percentage. You can write your own comment in comment box.

write commentSo then you lost focus on J3 or unselect the cell J3 so the comment box be hide and when mouse hover on J3 then comment shows.

hide comment box

So in now the comment box be hidden.

If you want to edit the comment then select the cell of which comment you want to change then right click of mouse button. Now go on Edit Comment.

edit comment

After clicking on Edit Comment you will be able to change the text of comment box. So I deleted the comment.

add comment to cell with nameFor deleting the comment select cell then by using right click of mouse see menu and select Delete Comment by this we can delete the comment.

delete comment

By using the option that is below the Delete Comment named as Show/Hide Comment if comment is visible then make it invisible and if comment is invisible then make it visible.

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